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What is Entrepreneurial Education? with Evan Gove

In this episode, the Founder of Evan Gove Enterprises Evan Gove talks about the importance of entrepreneurial education, what’s missing from most entrepreneurship classes, and how marketers should approach new clients.

Evan Gove is a seasoned entrepreneur and business growth consultant specializing in operational and performance consulting.
Evan has significant experience in starting and managing businesses. Here are a few topics we’ll discuss in this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • Why entrepreneurial education is so important.
  • What’s missing from most entrepreneurship classes.
  • The way an entrepreneur’s mind works.
  • How to start a marketing firm.
  • How marketers should approach new clients.
  • Why marketing is for more than just growth.
Connecting with Evan Gove:
Connecting with the host:
  • 2:39- “I think entrepreneurship is the hardest thing to teach because it’s probably 90 percent mindset and the rest is experiential learning or some sort of hands-on education.”
  • 7:24 – “I don’t think anyone is necessarily born with the skills but I think everybody is born with curiosity and curiosity is like we say in the entrepreneurship program at UAV, one of the many superpowers of entrepreneurs is curiosity, the ability to ask questions is something most children posses they always want to know why why why and us as entrepreneurs we want to know that as well.”
  • 24:44 – “I enjoy business, I enjoy business growth, I enjoy business innovation, I enjoy marketing and sale so really everything to do with growing a business is what I enjoy.”