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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Using podcasting for marketing success with PCG Digital’s Glenn Pasch

This episode, PCG Digital’s CEO Glenn Pasch talks about how podcasting can be used for marketing, the qualities that make a good public speaker, and how to interview people to get the best responses.

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping dealerships and businesses generate more qualified shoppers.

As a leader in digital marketing and leadership training, he’s been featured on multiple podcasts, on CBT News, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Auto Success, and Automotive News. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:

  • Using webinars and podcasts to grow an agency.
  • How to start a conference for lead creation.
  • The benefits of hosting your own podcast.
  • How podcasting can be used for marketing.
  • What makes a good interviewer.
  • Techniques for managing your time effectively.
  • How to be a good public speaker.
  • The best ways to train your employees.
Connecting with Glenn Pasch:
Connecting with the host:
  • 1:59 – “When someone is starting a business from a theoretical standpoint when you’re telling all of your friends and your family about your idea their going to be supportive and they want to be supportive but when it comes down to taking a chance as much as they love you on a new company from something they already know in our case marketing where they have a marketing company to take that risk is a little scary, doesn’t mean that they won’t come with you but it might take 6 months, 8 months a year of you having a little bit of a track record.”
  • 26:02 – “For true marketers out there analytics GA4 is coming in July it better be set up in your website today if it’s not you’re going to miss tracking what’s going on because universal the old analytics is stopping aggregating data July 1st so one you need to be prepared.”
  • 34:20 – “Somewhere along the learn we forget how we learned meaning when we were young in school I have a senior now and a freshman but all through school and when they were young we showed them what to do we showed them how to throw a baseball, showed them how to ride a bike, showed them how to do things, showed them how to hold a pencil, showed them how to do math and someone was always there watching them giving them feedback on how to do things and eventually they got better and better but they were still taught that way but then somewhere after we become 18 and we get into the workplace all we do is tell people so for 18 years I’ve been shown how to do something like think about driving a car 10 and 2 and this is how you do it, we showed people how to do it and somewhere along the line when we’re in business we think that’s condicening and so we tell people and when I tell you if I told you what I want you’ve got a picture in your head of how to get there it probably is not the same picture that’s in my head and that’s why there’s always a disconnect of results and then when I come talk to you or people listening think how many times either you said it or you’re leading a team you heard it oh is that what I oh I thought you meant, that’s because you didn’t take the time to say ok here’s how we’re going to do it let me show you how to do it then let me watch you do it because then if I see you doing it then it’s great then there’s no wiggle room.”