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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Journey to Business Ownership with Webterior Design’s Salim Faour

In this episode, the CEO of Webterior Designs Salim Faour talks about the differences between being a business owner and an employee, the power of influencer marketing, and the importance of SOPs in business operations.

Salim Faour is a marketing professional who is passionate about developing ideas that drive businesses to achieve their goals.
Salim runs his own marketing agency Webterior Designs and is proficient at defining and setting marketing strategies, uncovering meaningful consumer insights, and creating and executing effective communication plans and metrics, while preemptively solving challenges. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to get your first website development customers.
  • How to decide which digital marketing services to provide.
  • When solopreneurs should hire a team.
  • The power of influencer marketing.
  • Best hiring practices for marketers.
  • Starting a remote staffing business.
  • Time management for business owners.
  • The difference between being a business owner and an employee.
  • The importance of SOPs in business operations.
Connecting with Salim Faour:
Connecting with the host:
  • 7:50- “My brand is out there in my local community it’s been 5 years and I haven’t spent a dollar on ads at all to acquire any new customers it’s all been word of mouth, referral, proof of work etc. I’ve made a lot of strategic partnerships with certain influencers in my local community they have between 20-70 thousand followers on their social media and we have a barter relationship where I do some work for them, I slap my logo on the bottom of it and they post it and they also publish work of mine on their status, on their feed so I’ve been getting clients like that, that’s how I’ve been growing.”
  • 9:42 – “This is 2019 December and he’s like somethings going to happen this is right when we heard about the outbreak in Wuhan and he’s like somethings going to happen let’s open up something together where we find remote staff for people anywhere around the world, I said you know what I’m in so me and him together we opened up a remote staffing business.”
  • 21:38 – “I consider this business as my baby, I’m always talking about it literally day in and day out I went from working a 9-5 job and I said to myself I need to get out of this I need to be my own business owner and I went from working 9-5 40 hours a week to now working 90+ hour weeks and I love it, every minute of it, every second of it.”