Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The 10-Star Experience: Understanding Client Needs and Collaborating with Marketing Agencies

Rami Jahedi, CEO of Black Ops Agency, shares his journey from being a dishwasher to becoming a successful restaurateur and eventually running a marketing agency. He emphasizes the importance of patience, consistency, and having a clear plan to achieve success. Rami also discusses the CEO model, digital foundations and marketing transformation. He highlights the significance of providing a 10-star experience to clients, understanding their needs, and collaborating with other marketing agencies. Furthermore, Rami emphasizes the value of understanding client needs in the marketing industry, listening to clients, and providing suitable solutions instead of pushing sales. Collaboration between marketing agencies is also essential for growth and success for all parties involved.

Rami Jahedi is currently the CEO of Black Ops Agency, a digital marketing firm based in Austin, Texas. He has been in this role since June 2014. Black Ops Agency specializes in various internet services, including Google photography, video production, and social media marketing, helping businesses grow in the digital landscape. Rami’s leadership emphasizes transparency and community engagement, making sure clients stay updated on the latest internet trends. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:

  • Focusing on creating a great client experience to drive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Rami’s background in the restaurant industry helped shape their approach to building relationships in the digital world.
  • Collaborate with marketing agencies to provide comprehensive services.
  • Focus on building relationships and helping others succeed.
  • Highlighting the importance of employee well-being versus prioritizing profits.
  • Embracing everyday life and not overthinking it


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  • 20:06 – “It’s not about the business. We’re building relationship with people. It doesn’t matter. You run digital marketing, you run a bakery, restaurant, insurance, you have to get to that relationship. You got to build a trust, as in marriage, it is like communication. And how you’re going to build that by bullshitting people and not going to work. It’s not going to work. And you have to be open to be interested to listen to people’s story. And then when you hear that, and you say, oh my God, and be able to put yourself in their shoes and not look at them as how can I milk this cow that doesn’t work. We have clients that they had a budget for $20,000, and I said, no, that’s not going to cost. You just need three or $4,000 a month. He said, what?”
  • 12:10 – “During my whole life, what I did and what made me successful to who I am today was because of the people. Because of the people that they guide me, they help me, they lift me up and, they helped me to get where I’m at today. And that did not happen by me not connecting with people. Basically, my philosophy is this, we all social animals, we all connect with one another. You and me, you know, we all connecting right now. We’re doing a podcast for other people to learn something, I don’t know, people are going to listen to it and learn something, but in somehow we all connecting with each other.”
  • 11:24 – “My first company, I’m sure I did a lot of things wrong, but I think one thing that, we kind of did right, is we thought about when we were starting an app at first, when you think of starting an app, you get users. And I almost told the team that I didn’t want to use to ever use the word user because I think we talked about this last time, but in my mind, you know, user usually comes with a number at the end, but not a name. So if you kind of just think about your end user as an actual person, you know, you think a little bit differently of how you approach building the app and building everything like that.”
  • 23:34 – “There’s something similar, actually the Airbnb has a, similarish story where, obviously you can only have a five-star experience, but what the brainstorming that they did is they said, what does a six-star experience look like? What does a seven-star experience? What is all the way to a 10 star? And a 10-star is, you know, a rocket ship comes to your house, and it flies you to the moon and back. But when you start to think like that, then it actually, it almost becomes easier to go back to that five-star experience and then make a true five-star experience.”
  • 04:11 – Josh: “What traits do you think helped you move up in either of those two businesses?”
    Rami: “It’s just, you have to be patient, you know, you really have to be patient. Consistency is the key. If something’s not working, don’t give up. And if you have a clear plan, just work the plan, work the plan, and take one step at a time because you can’t be everything to everybody, and you know, you just gotta narrow it down to what you’re going to do. And then when you figure it out, first of all, who you are, what you’re going to do and where you’re going, and the rest is just, it’s up to you how you want to get there.”