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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Stryde’s CEO Shares Shift Towards E-commerce and Women-Powered Team

Greg Shuey, CEO of Stryde, discussed the company’s focus on e-commerce businesses and the benefits of having a women-powered team. He also touched on strategic decisions, the impact of Covid-19 on the e-commerce marketing agency space, AI adoption in marketing agencies, and the importance of understanding the customer journey. Additionally, he highlighted how Stride drives leads through SEO, paid search, and partnerships, as well as his passion for coaching and empowering the younger generation.

Greg Shuey, the CEO of Stryde – Ecommerce Marketing Agency, brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and customer acquisition. He specializes in helping 7-figure D2C businesses overcome challenges, scale to 8 figures, and make better decisions in digital marketing. With expertise, time-saving strategies, and an objective perspective, Greg guides businesses to navigate the evolving marketing landscape and identify new opportunities for growth. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters of Marketing Agency:

  • The agency focuses on mom-and-baby fashion, women’s fashion, home decor, and sporting goods.
  • Their team is powered by women who are skilled at marketing products targeted toward women.
  • Stryde partners with an Amazon agency to assist clients in expanding into new marketplaces.
  • They have been exploring collaborations with agencies like Evolved Commerce and AMZ Advisors.
  • Extreme focus in verticals: Narrowing down to specific verticals helps agencies attract better leads, close deals faster, and stand out from the competition.
  • SEO is the biggest driver of leads for Stryde, with keywords related to e-commerce and marketing agencies ranking high.
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  • 9:11 – “The funny thing is two days after lockdown, everyone became an e-commerce marketing agency. So it became very, very saturated, very competitive very quickly for us. But lucky for us, I mean we already had kind of that Stryde as the e-commerce marketing agency for these verticals and we kind of owned it, which was fantastic for us.”
  • 14:21 -”And that’s also part of the problem is that a lot of agencies, they don’t want to do the elbow. They don’t want to put in the elbow grease for that, right? Understanding who your customer is and more is more than just saying, oh, we target women between the ages of 35 and 50 who have two kids and an income of a hundred thousand dollars a year, right? It’s picking up the phone and calling 50 of their customers and going through like a real conversation of learning.”
  • 15:42 – “I tend to say this like really aggressively, but I think people care too much about themselves and what they’re trying to pitch. It’s kinda like the how and the why or the what conversation where you don’t want to be pitching what you want to be pitching the why and all that kind of stuff. And I think when people, they’re so proud of their business, and they try to just like share the benefits and features that they want to get out there, but they don’t understand. Like you, I always tell people on my team like, you don’t matter. Like your opinion doesn’t matter.”
  • 16:11 – “All about the customer. You need to get in their heads and, and it sounds so silly, but even writing emails like you don’t matter. Your opinion doesn’t matter. It’s how do you want to, how do they read this? How do they want to read this? What should they kind of like, or what do they want to hear?”
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Josh: If you could teach, if you had to teach something to other marketers, what would it be?

Greg: Figuring out who the customer is. I mean, if you follow me on LinkedIn, that’s all I talk about these days. I’ll sprinkle in a couple of other things, but I feel like just deep down, it’s so important for an agency to be able to know how to do this and to push their clients in the right direction.