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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Strategies for Team Building, Hiring, and Business Growth with FPW Media’s Owen Garitty

In this episode, Founder & Lead Creative of FPW Media Owen Garitty talks about the old-fashioned but still effective ways of building relationships with clients, the benefits of hiring in-house as opposed to using contractors, and how to avoid bad hires.

Owen Garitty founded FPW Media over a decade ago with an aim of dismantling the archaic nature of a traditional marketing agency and forging a path for an innovative, fresh, and transformative creative vision of a marketing agency.
Today, FPW Media is an award-winning creative studio that creates breathtaking media and beautiful content for a fast-paced world, positioning itself as an easy button for marketing content, concepts, and execution. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to know if an MBA is right for you as a marketer.
  • The signs that it’s time to scale up your team.
  • Unique ways to build relationships with potential leads.
  • How to get new customers for your marketing agency.
  • The benefits of hiring in-house as opposed to using contractors.
  • The challenges involved in the hiring process.
  • The benefits of hiring outside of your industry.
  • How to avoid bad hires.
  • Ways to decompress from work.
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  • 5:04- “Education doesn’t always translate to results there’s a lot of very highly educated people in our field that do very well but there’s also a lot of very highly educated people in our field that really struggle because it is really results based and a lot of the education around marketing is theory based and so it becomes this application problem that people have of how do you actually translate that into a result for a client that’s measurable.”
  • 13:56 – “You’re replaceable really at the drop of a dime because what we do is offered by so many different people but it’s can you offer a full package, can you provide above and beyond customer service, can you provide some differentiator that is worthwhile to that person and makes their job easier.”
  • 16:28 – “We’ve been fortunate enough that we’ve grown through referrals, 95 percent of our net new business is referrals from existing clients which is incredible I think that that is best case scenario it’s not always possible depending on what market you’re in or whatever it may be but I always think the best marketing we can do for ourselves is to do a really good job for our clients because then when they’re speaking to their peers they’ll mention us.”
  • 26:22 – “I love to garden, it’s something that my fiancee and I do together it’s very humbling because it’s really freaking hard, those plants just don’t grow unless you make them grow and so getting all dirty it’s very humbling because all day you’re making these big decisions and you have the weight of all of your clients on your shoulders and then you go home and you’re like my lettuce died this is just soul-crushing, how are we going to do it, I want this lettuce to grow, but it brings you back to reality it brings you back to being a human.”