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Running, Sprints & Marketing: Uncommon Agency Wisdom

Dive into an episode where marketing meets self-growth, as Theresa Bassett shares her journey from radio to CEO of The Diamond Group. Discover how her agency adapts to client needs, why comfort zones hinder growth, and the power of identity in shaping behaviors. Plus, she teases their big move towards franchising. Get ready for a treasure trove of agency insights mixed with life lessons.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Pivoting toward Full-Service Agency
  • The Why behind MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
  • Diamonds are made under pressure
  • The power of identity in shaping behavior.
  • Franchising: The Next Big Leap.
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  • 36:50 – Like if all I’m after ever doing is seeking comfort and then I’m essentially seeking what I know. And if I’m always seeking what I already know, then I’m not growing much at all. And so I think comfort, you have to get, you have to allow yourself to embrace discomfort in order to embrace the unknown. And the unknown is where all of the growth happens, it’s where all the ideas happen. It’s where all of the challenge happens. Yes. But it’s also where all of the experiential learning happens. And that’s where you grow in capacity and compassion and wisdom and all of those things. So yeah, screw comfort.
  • 54:10 – Theresa: And that’s where it has to tie back to that identity piece we were talking about. Because I think that you can set targets like those three categories we talked about, and those are the three categories that I recommend in the Uplevel System. But, there’s targets and then there’s targets, and then there’s really good targets, really good targets that pull from a heart space because they’re tied to your identity,
    Josh: Right? Yep, I’ve never talked about this publicly yet, but if I start this new podcast idea that I have it’s all about this whole self-awareness, motivation, discipline thing, and talk.
    Theresa:I love it.
    Josh: Successful people and, and how they approach it and everything.
    Theresa: It’s gonna be a wild success with that because I hope so. It’s system on self-awareness that you’ve already baked into what fires you up.
  • 46:40 – Because I would bet you that, I would bet if you look back at some of the things that you’ve started and maybe feel like you’re undisciplined about maintaining, they’re probably in the same genre of the same category year after year, year after year. Like totally right? And so you’re practicing long obedience in the same direction, but you just need a different rhythm to being optimally productive. That is me a hundred percent. So I was doing these sprints without really realizing it. And then I was subsequently sometimes beating up myself up for not being disciplined enough, not being persistent enough. And then I’m like, holy crap, actually no, that’s not true. Because I’m doing the same things that I’m working on some of the same things year after year, year after year.
  • 45:36 – That was very personal to me because I have this whole theory that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before of like what makes a successful person and to me I think it’s a combination and they all kind of work together of self-awareness, motivation, and discipline. And I do this really unfair thing where I’ll start to like, you know, I’m like, oh, let me test this theory. Let me look at someone and like a friend, I know this is so bad, but like, okay, where do I rank them in self-awareness? Are they a plus minus or neutral? Same thing with motivation, same thing with discipline. And I think where my biggest weakness is, is discipline. I like to think that I’m self-aware. I think everyone does. I like to, I spend time focusing on motivation and really like capturing that and making sure I’m taking advantage of it. When I call it like the first half-life of your motivator. It’s where you can kind of really capture that. But what I think I struggle the most with is creating that discipline after I get the motivator. And I don’t really have anywhere that I’m going with this other than I love the idea of doing a discipline sprint.