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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Power Tips from a Marketing Maven: Wisdom Within 30 Mins with Cheryl Broom

From under-the-weather resilience to big wins in higher education marketing, this episode is a mishmash of grit, strategy, and insider tricks. Discover how one agency CEO capitalized on specific niches and key partnerships to dominate the community college marketing scene—all while fighting off the remnants of a COVID cough. Tune in for stories and strategies that inspire!

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Battling COVID while still on the job.
  •  Strategic shifts that spike agency wins.
  • The intricacies of higher education marketing.
  • Turn rejections into productive fuel.
  • Insights on hiring the right agency talent.
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  • 8:50 – She was in the back of the room standing and she was crying, crying. She was crying for me because she felt so bad that I’d finally, you know, gotten the nerve to get up and do this thing. And I had forgotten. And then I looked in the beginning in the front of the audience at the kids sitting on the floor. And this one really cool sixth grade girl looked up at me and it was like something out of an eighties movie. And she said, you can do it.
  • 16:18 – I’m very much motivated by challenge rather than discouraged by it. And I think that’s interesting like the MiraCosta example that the college, I mean women have been putting up with this for years. I mean, every woman at every community college for the last 50 years had been told that they didn’t get maternity leave and they couldn’t use their sick time past, you know, four to six weeks.
  • 22:45 – Like I didn’t set out to be like, I’m gonna destroy you. It was more like like I better get going if I’m gonna survive. It was like a fire under me to fight back to pro to protect myself and my family rather than to undermine someone.
  • 25:10 – Yeah, we have, so we have a really creative team and we have people who are musicians, professional authors who, huge sports fans, even athletes. And I think that people that have that drive in their life just bring a lot of enthusiasm and challenge to the workplace. So we like to hire people who are outgoing and who have passion ’cause they bring that passion and it’s makes work more interesting.
  • 45:25 – I think being a good listener, I hear a lot of problems when I come in. When our agency comes in after failed relationships with other agencies, I’ll always ask what, why did your last agency not work out for you? And usually it’s because they didn’t take the time to listen and to find out what the true problem was. They just jumped right into solutions. And now even in my scopes of work that I write, I usually put blocks of time to strategy rather than just jumping straight to a solution.