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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Navigating Agency Success & Personal Triumphs with Sherri Langburt

Dive into the dynamic world of influencer marketing with BabbleBoxx CEO Sherri Langburt. Discover the resilience behind her story, groundbreaking moves in marketing, and the power of trusting your gut in business. This episode is a must-listen for those seeking inspiration and industry-insider knowledge.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Sherri’s unique approach to getting hired.
  • Influencer marketing: beyond the hype
  • Staying in your lane for success.
  • The impact of having immigrant parents.
  • Building communities within agencies.
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  • 41:18 – Sherri: I think the cream thing was like, you could see all the stuff on your face, right?
    Josh: Not only that, but it was actually like, it was like a silly design. Like it was this, it looks like a push pop almost. And because even just the look of it was like anyone could put cream on their face, right? But it was like literally the look of the product was different, and for that reason, it ended up blowing up on TikTok. So Yeah. Yeah. TikTok is, and I’ll be honest, I don’t see it cooling off anytime soon. I, I see that as like it’s, we’re still in the ramp-up phase. I’m trying to think if there’s like another example of something that took off and then didn’t really go anywhere after two years. But I see TikTok shop or whatever it’s called.
  • 16:28 – Josh: And I guess since you, you know, you did talk about the box, can you tell us a little bit more about BabbleBoxx and who you guys help?
    Sherri: So we have all different kinds. So we’re an influencer marketing agency. I say full service because we stay in our lane. We don’t offer SEO and we don’t offer email marketing. We only do influencer very specific, but we do a lot with an influencer. So when you think about influencers and you say full service, people are like, that’s bizarre. But you know, we do regular campaigns that are not a Boxx. So any kind of influencer activation. We do our co-branded boxes, which are our BabbleBoxx, which are these themed kits that go out to brands. So they’re multi-brand collab. So right now we have one for Super Bowl in market, we’re gearing up for National Nutrition Month and we bring five brands in those boxes. They go out to influencers. And then because of those kits, then brands started to come to us saying, well wait a minute, could you do custom kits? So we do custom kits. I would say, my favorite way to describe them is these hype kits.
  • 21:10 – Like we’ve had a lot of PR people say, could we become your in-house PR person? And I think we have to stay in our lane. And you know, it’s funny, so many people come to me and say like, as I was growing this and people laughed at me when I launched this and what are you doing? And oh, now they’re like, there’s so much competition. There’s like 30,000 ad agencies in New York, so there’s a thousand influencer agencies.
  • 29:05 – Josh: And I think I shared a story last time we spoke, but how do you listen to your gut? Do you have any, do you focus on specifically, do you think it’s actually just natural to you now? Like what does that look like?
    Sherri: I think that I’m by nature very intuitive and I think that for so many years people told me, like with the Weight Watchers thing, like, you’re crazy. You’re crazy, you’re crazy. And if you have that intuition, listen to it. Don’t listen to the, I’m crying to the outside voices, right? And so it’s like taking the outside voices and not listening to them is I think one of the biggest steps. It’s even like you’ll see it on social, like, why are you listening to all the noise? Or when I started this company and people are like, there’s, there’s one woman who kept calling me and really might wanna come work with you, but, and she would always find a thing and it’s like the noise. But I think that it’s something that you just feel.