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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Meeting the Needs of Healthcare Providers: How Circle Social is Connecting Patients to Care

In this episode, Nick Jaworski, CEO of Circle Social Inc, shares how his marketing firm is meeting the needs of healthcare providers and connecting patients to care. He discusses his contrarian approach to mental health advocacy and the unique strategies used by his agency. The importance of his podcast, Recovery Executive, in bridging the gap between business and behavioral health is also highlighted. The episode also delves into the journey of building a successful consulting and marketing firm, the importance of trust in marketing high-cost items like addiction treatment services, and the limitations of AI in marketing.

Nick Jaworski is a seasoned marketing expert and the CEO of Circle Social Inc., a strategic marketing firm specializing in addiction treatment and behavioral health. With a strong passion for helping those in need, Nick’s career has been dedicated to building brands, driving results, and enriching communities. From managing centers for Disney English to fostering academic excellence, his leadership and coaching skills have consistently led to exceptional outcomes and customer satisfaction. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:

  • Circle Social is a marketing firm that serves the behavioral health industry and connects patients to care.
  • Circle Social provides integrated marketing strategies and works with both nonprofit and for-profit healthcare organizations.
  • The podcast has allowed Nick to build relationships and connect with industry leaders, leading to unique opportunities and insights.
  • Laser focus and gradual expansion led to success in the healthcare industry.
  • One-liners and buzzwords can grab attention, but delivering on promises is essential to maintain trust.
  • Having a strategy, not just tactics, is vital to maintaining trust and delivering results.
  • Many marketing agencies remain small due to a lack of scalability and comfort with their lifestyle.


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  • 22:24 – “So at the end of the AI is just taking a bunch of stuff from different places and throwing it together. While what I always tell the team is, like I said, the worst thing that I can see is the top three Google search results rehashed as our article. I said, I never want to see that. I don’t want to see a Wikipedia article or just a rehash of the top three. I want unique, original content that’s actually going to help people.”
  • 26:20 – “I’m like, oh, we’re data driven, and we’re performance based, and so we just got to use the numbers here. But I realized that more and more the creative is king at the end of the day. Really good creative performs anywhere from four to seven times better than bad creative. And so it doesn’t matter what the data’s telling me, I need good creative at the outset. And so how do we do that? And it’s all about the right audience with the right message. So I think that’s probably one of the things I would focus on teaching. Because that’s what I focus on with our team a lot of the time.”
  • 06:08 – “[A podcast] really is a great resource to get connect people, you know, like we can always send cold emails, and we can always do things like that, but this medium is just a great medium. It’s not very business focused, right? And a lot of people, they do want to get out kind of the things that they’ve been working hard on their whole lives. So I think it’s just a great kind of, yeah, again, like medium for people to talk.”
  • 13:51 – Joshua: “And for someone that might be thinking of taking that route, right, like maybe they are already on the marketing side and the thinking about consulting, are there any signs or is there anything that you kind of said, okay, you know, this is worth the effort or this maybe isn’t worth the effort and, and also, you know, like how do you charge? Is it usually project based? Is it retainer? You can take it that in any direction you want. I know I asked two questions.”
    Nick: “So everything’s value based for us, right? So on the marketing side, we’re mainly a retainer, right? Like most agencies, people pay up front. On the consulting side, it’s project based.”
  • 25:41 – Joshua: “If you had to teach something to other marketers, what would it be?”
    Nick: “Teach something to other marketers, what would it be? Honestly, what we work on with the team is really understanding the audience. It’s probably number one when we look at, you know, how do you run a Facebook campaign? How do you set up a marketing funnel? How do you think about capital allocation on different channels?”