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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Learning to Lead Through Change – from Military Service to Entrepreneurship

Cash Miller, the Founder and CEO of Titan Digital, shares his inspiring journey from military service to becoming a successful agency owner. Despite starting his agency while deployed in Iraq, Cash self-taught SEO and utilized his military experience to shape his business and leadership skills. The episode explores the transformative experiences of veterans in the military and the dynamics of change in the workplace. It also emphasizes the importance of communication, exploration, and continuous learning in overcoming challenges, retaining clients, and driving agency growth. Additionally, Cash recommends captivating books like “Shoe Dog” and the podcast “Business Wars” for valuable business insights presented in an entertaining manner.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Cash Miller self-taught SEO and grew his website traffic by collaborating with business coaches and using their content.
  • Cash’s first true client was a mergers and acquisitions company, and he ran their Google ads while still in Afghanistan.
  • Transitioning from a veteran community to a group of fresh recruits brings about a significant change in experience and skill levels.
  • The bigger an agency gets, the more challenging it becomes to maintain consistent communication, making it important to establish communication processes early on.
  • Choosing a location for your agency should consider factors like political stability and the potential for disruption.
  • Each episode of “Business Wars” consists of multiple stories of competing businesses.
  • It uses voiceover actors and scenes to create a fictionalized yet informative narrative.
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  • 2:07 – So I ended up building my first website and I wrote a bunch of content, you know, like a hundred articles on, everything from accounting to marketing to management as you know. But eventually I got to the point where I was like, I don’t wanna keep writing all this content and I also need traffic. You know, so how do I get traffic?
  • 17:01- I don’t think business owners should worry about everybody’s opinions, when it comes to your own staff, take it as input. But you know, if you think it’s the right thing to do, then you’re gonna want to do that. And if people disagree with it, they’ll leave up their own accord.
  • 22:11 – My team was kind of pushing a little bit like, yeah, so let’s put together a plan. And I’m in the background going, no, not this guy. This is not a, this is not a good fit for us. And I was getting flashbacks of some previous clients that were just really difficult. And I said, look, this guy’s a referral. We need to talk to the source that referred. And sure enough, that guy says, yeah, this guy’s really high maintenance. I’m like, no, we’ll take a pass on this. And so that’s one of the things that you help other business owners, it’s like, what are some of the red flags? So that kind of a shared experience. We’ve all dealt with it. Everybody, you know, everybody’s had that bad client experience. And then you also have things, because as business owners you have a lot in common.
  • 26:28 – The constant in the agency world is “I have too much work. Not enough people.” If you talk to the employees, that’s what they’re always going to say. They’re like, you signed this next project, we don’t have enough time for it or something. And so how do you, so communication is always one of those things, except for the biggest clients, it always gets put on the back burner, you know, ’cause it still takes time to write an email. And even if you have account managers, but they’re busy onboarding new accounts, people forget the easiest [stuff] you wouldn’t have to onboard as many new accounts if you took care of the ones you had. ’cause you would have less churn.
  • 43:29 – I could see warning signs all over the place that this was not gonna be a good relationship. And so I have to ignore those dollar signs. And if you do that, you know, I say you can grow your business and, but I do think I’ve seen some agencies that are so niche down that they’re gonna struggle to grow. They’re too specific, always remember if you’re in business, did you create for yourself a job or a company?