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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Inside the PR World: Triumphs, Trials, & Future Trends

Dive into the riveting journey of Cassandra Bailey, as she navigates partnerships, acquisitions, and the stimulating challenges of running a successful PR agency. Uncover her passion for fostering community, her robust marketing approach, and how she capitalizes on future trends. Get ready for a trove of insights that will inspire both budding and seasoned marketers!

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Discussing the future of digital communications.
  • How to maintain a “clean digital footprint”.
  • Importance of community and EO networks.
  • Cass shares acquisition and business operation insights.
  • Center of Influence & Referral Network strategies.
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  • 1:23 – I think a lot of times we get so fixated on the here and now of what does that social post say or what’s in that press release? Is it AP style? Are we using an Oxford comma that like we lose sight of the fact that we have tremendous influence in the world. In a lot of cases we direct or advise CEOs on what to say and how to say it. We influence how nonprofits talk about their mission or their vision or their values. Like there really is a lot that we have to add to the world of the community and that is a superpower that we should take seriously and be intentional about.
  • 8:24 -I think we would have, and I should have early on, clearly defined our roles in the company, understood our swim lanes. I think we should have allocated equity in the business based on what each of us had to bring to the table. That was an article that I read after I bought the company back that like, that’s a common mistake that a lot of founders, especially friend founders start that. That they start with is that you just go in 50-50, oh, we’re just gonna be 50-50. Whereas one partner might bring a certain skillset and another partner might bring a different skillset. And really 50-50 probably isn’t the way that most relationships should be when they start as friends and then become businesses. that’s just a default that actually isn’t intentional or thoughtful and creates a lot of resentment from the very beginning.
  • 13:51 – That became a real big point of conflict in terms of how we were doing cashflow management and cash management. But neither one of us knew how to talk about it as cash management. And so that put us in a really uncomfortable and bad place around money early on.
  • 28:57 – The company lost so much value and I didn’t even know it. Like we weren’t getting, so they took over all of our financial operations, our HR operations, which was also very attractive, right? We talked earlier about how like I had no business operations expertise and really no interest in business operations. So like they were gonna give us these platforms and this incredible technology that we could use to grow. We didn’t see like bank statements or financial reports and is or like anything for months and months.
  • 45:10 – Oh my gosh. It’s a whole thing about known and unknown and self-discovery and recognizing your blind spots, right? The clearing tool, the clearing tool has been an amazing thing that has changed trust and relationship in my agency. It is like six parts. It’s amazing. I love it. It’s the way to deal with conflict.