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How to Use Data In Your Marketing Campaign with Janet Driscoll Miller

I’m joined by President and CEO of Marketing Mojo Janet Driscoll Miller, to discuss how data can be useful to marketers, the ways it can inform our campaigns, and common mistakes marketers fall into when using data.

Janet Driscoll Miller has been the President and CEO of Marketing Mojo for over 15 years and is the author of ‘Data First Marketing’. She is an expert in search engine optimization, digital advertising management, and data analytics and measurement. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • Why it’s good to ask digital marketing candidates if they are analytical or creative.
  • How digital marketers can switch from a tactical focus to a strategic focus.
  • Using skillset badges to empower employees professional development.
  • How to use data to inform the way your campaigns are run.
  • How data is used differently across departments.
  • Helpful tools to share and understand data.
  • Common mistakes marketers make when looking at data.
  • The clients Janet works with and how she got her first client.
  • How to start your own agency and the benefits of having your own business.
  • What a ‘returnship’ is and how it can help people get back in the workforce.
Resources: Connecting with Janet Driscoll Miller: Connecting with the host: Quotables:
  • 05:41 – “If you keep asking yourself what’s the why behind this, why am I doing it, that’ll help you become a more strategic thinker in everything that you’re doing in marketing.”
  • 11:33 – “Let’s use the data we have to plan our campaigns better.”