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Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to Create a Casino Marketing Plan with CMS Group’s Rick Campbell

I’m joined by the CEO and VP of marketing of the CMS Group Rick Campbell to discuss how to create a marketing plan, the different ways brands work together during campaigns and how to know when it’s time to hire more staff.

Rick Campbell is an innovative, results-producing casino marketing executive with a proven track record of success developing and leading comprehensive casino marketing strategies that exceed business goals and objectives for very successful companies.
Rick has expertise in directing the creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of marketing, and he has demonstrated success in driving growth in targeted markets through the implementation of key projects. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to get the first customers for your agency.
  • The benefits of starting a company with a team.
  • The difference between marketing for casinos compared to other industries.
  • How brands work together during campaigns.
  • Different tools you can use to pull data points.
  • The issue with automating casinos.
  • How to create a marketing plan.
  • How to know when to hire more staff.
  • What makes a good casino marketer.
  • The benefits of running analysis on your performance.
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  • 11:31 – “A marketing plan is not a one-person deal or a one-department deal even though there’s a marketing department when you create your marketing plan its a buy-in from the whole entire property so you have to touch base with the person that’s in charge of slots, the person that’s in charge of table games, the person that’s in charge of food and beverage, they all have to have input into the marketing plan and they all have to have buy-in into the marketing plan. The plan won’t work unless you get everybody’s input and everybody’s working together on that marketing plan.”
  • 21:08 – “Most of my success and the success that we’ve had either working in the casino or outside on the agency side comes from the fact of having a good team, make sure you get the good team behind you. I know it sounds kinda cliche at times but some of the most successful campaigns and programmes that I’ve put together when I was at the casino or outside at the agency was because of the team we had to build it.”