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Reading Time: 2 minutes

How One Niche Can Skyrocket Your Agency with AddMedia NYC’s Shanta Adhikari

This episode, AddMediaNYC’s CEO Shanta Adhikari talks about why he choose to focus his marketing agency on one niche, the unique difficulties of marketing for dentists, and how he got new marketing clients through cold emailing.

Shanta Adhikari is the CEO of AddMedia NYC, a marketing firm that helps local dental practices develop profitable customer acquisition channels using direct response advertising and remote sales teams.
In 2022 his agency directly generated over 5 million impressions, over 700 scheduled appointments, $30M+ in pipeline value, and more than $6M in direct sales & production for their clients across the US. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to become an IOS game developer.
  • The benefits of focusing on one industry.
  • Using cold emails to get new clients.
  • The response rate you get from cold emailing.
  • How marketers should approach dentists.
  • The difficulties of marketing for dentists.
  • When to hire your first employees.
  • Unconventional hiring techniques.
  • Hiring mistakes to avoid.
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Connecting with the host:
  • 8:21 – “I’m trying to act like a customer, awesome hey by any chance do you this type of service for HVAC their like yes hey fantastic awesome do you mind if I pitch you real quick or something like that like can I pitch you real quick they say yes ok fantastic I can do this for you would it be impossible for us to spend 5 minutes together over a call and at some point it’s a number game you do it so many times that someone’s going to say yes.
  • 15:04 – “One time I hired a guy to do my calls and he was doing amazing this was after onboarding, he was killing it, dude was booking so many appointments I’m like Jesus Christ. I find out that in one day I’m listening to the calls he’s doing the calls drunk. So that was insane he was a high performer but he had flaws and holes in the well or whatever the phrase is.”
  • 16:47 – “I’ve never looked at their resume, I don’t typically look at it, I’ve always placed personality over talent. One of our core values is kindness that is something I look for so when I’m going about hiring someone I always like at on top of their skills and experience how is their personality like is this someone I can actually work with?”