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Reading Time: 4 minutes

From Princess Gowns to SEO Crowns: RJ’s Story Unveiled

Dive into RJ’s unique story of transformation from Air Force to children’s entertainment, and now, as the CEO of Tipping Point Digital. Get inspired by her relentless pursuit of growth and her ingenious way of standing out in the SEO world. This episode is a blend of life lessons, marketing wisdom, and a touch of unconventional flair – it’s a journey you don’t want to miss!

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.
  • RJ’s vibrant SEO branding trick.
  • Inside look at an elite marketer’s community
  • Transitioning from the military to marketing.
  • The art of gaining and giving referrals.
  • Leveraging a mentor’s wisdom for success.


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  • 17:16 – We’re all here for the same thing, which is to add value to others, help them build and be successful. Like that’s the big picture scene. And yet everybody’s here trying to pay their cell phone bills, feed their babies, keep their employees going, keep their business going. And we need to do what we need to do in order to be our own unique versions of ourselves and to stand out of the crowd. And with marketing it’s like, like there’s a lot of noise. It’s got a low barrier of entry. It’s got people from all around the world who say they can do it. And it’s just like the, I get you ranking number one over and over and over again and you’re just like, come on man. Just be you. Stand out. Carve your niche, find your tribe, find your people. Find the people that are attracted to who you are, what you do, who you serve, and hold those people closest.
  • 22:26 – I don’t think there was the biggest thing. I mean, there were so many mistakes. There were so many learning opportunities. I needed to work a hundred times harder than I thought to get the results that I wanted. I needed to protect myself as a business owner by taking classes to educate myself about labor laws, employment. I got a payroll company, I got a bookkeeper, I took classes at the Larimer County Small Business development center and learned about like operations, finance, sales, marketing, and then the technician portion of every business. Like that’s a really loaded question because it’s not just one big thing, it’s like business development in itself and how I need to duplicate myself and to hire team and to delegate let go of control.
  • 26:32 – And I was just scribbling taking notes. And then I googled like 13 different words that he had talked about and I called him up the following week and I was like, I understand what you were talking about. Can you have another conversation with me please? Like, I mean you have to put yourself out there and you have to be ready for someone to say no, they won’t mentor you or why would I do that? You have to be a not afraid of rejection, ego, like how I look, what someone’s going to say or think about me. Like I have to care enough about my business and my family and my success to really put myself out there and ask over and over again until I find someone who’s the right fit.
  •  48:47 – Josh: and then a lot of what we’re trying to do with that community and we kind of talked about it earlier, is again, we wanna make sure that we can understand, you know, where you need help and where you can help others. So to jump into some of those questions, how can you work with other marketing agencies or what services can you partner with other agencies? So in other words, you know, what do agencies tend to reach out to you for?
    Rj: They look for partnerships a lot of time. And as I mentioned before, it’s when I, I haven’t really had anyone who, I’ve got one or two people who also work with dudes in the trades and they’ll ask for some support, but it’s usually, it’s not about like the process of what we’re doing, it’s more about the business building aspect and how that works. Not a whole lot of digital marketers really reach out too much unless they’re doing like pay per click or something completely different. Or a videographer or someone that would be complimentary like a website developer.
  • 37:24 –  I actually reached out to a business broker and asked them about it and he, oh gosh. He’s like, so I have a question. Do you have any relationships with other entertainment businesses? I was like, oh, I’ve got a ton of ’em. Like I know entertainment businesses all around. He is like, you might not even need me. And I was so grateful for him just giving me that little piece of information and he said, reach out to all of the businesses that know you, like you, trust you and ask them if they’re in the market and would love to buy your business. I reached out to the biggest business that I knew nationally that I had shared some of my documents with some of my training procedures. I showed them how I automated the back office and had been supporting them. I supported a lot of other entertainment industry companies locally and when people would call and ask for support, I was like, yeah, sure, this is what you need to do. I, and they were just like, they jumped at the chance to own my company. They were like absolutely a hundred percent because they knew the reputation that I had built up, they knew about the systems, they knew how it was organized and I had all of the data and all of the numbers right there for them. It was super simple.