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Reading Time: 2 minutes

From Broken Home to Digital Marketing Success with Digital Magician Studio’s Denver McQuaid

This episode, Founder and Creative Director of Digital Magician Studios Denver McQuaid talks about how to use social media to get marketing clients, different marketing strategies marketing agencies use, and how to avoid high churn rates.

Denver McQuaid is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Magician Studios where he helps brands build loyal Gen Z communities on TikTok and Instagram through captivating & engaging content.
Denver has worked with clients like Amazon Alexa, Ralph Lauren, PopSockets, Nadri, Tiesto, Ferrari, and Sony. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to use your connections to get big-name clients.
  • Transitioning from freelance marketing to starting a marketing agency.
  • How to get new clients for a marketing agency.
  • Using social media to get clients.
  • Different marketing strategies for marketing agencies.
  • How to avoid high churn rates.
Connecting with Denver McQuaid:
Connecting with the host:
  • 13:02 – “I believe success is 80 percent hard work 20 percent luck for the average person because doing the hard work sets you up to be in positions.”
  • 13:36 – “Put yourself in the right places and you’re not always going to know what that place is until hindsight sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re in the right place and you’re not sometimes vice versa but find a way to be in the place that everybody else is.”
  • 26:19 – “That’s what landed me a bunch of jobs and opportunities is that in college I did a Vine a day for 121 days, summer after my freshman year Vine a day 121 days 6 seconds, most of them had visual effects what kind of funny story could I tell a lot of them sucked some of them were great some viral moments but that led to opportunities that led to connections that led to me meeting creators I still chat with now 8 years later.”
  • 27:55 – “He only does content now that survives longer than that live time so for example he won’t do radio anymore because if you’re not listening to it at the time that content is essentially gone that’s why he’ll do podcasts and things like that because it stays out there and you never know who’s going to see it”
  • 28:23 – “You never know what seeds you plant and nurture will grow, not every seed you nurture will grow that’s another thing sometimes the seed that does you think this is going to be a dope connection and it turns out not the right vibe not the right moment not the right opportunity and sometimes you meet someone and they text you hey you want to work with Tiesto and you’re like yea!”