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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Embracing Mistakes and Collaboration in Marketing

In this episode,  Lindsay Miller, CEO of Content Journey, emphasizes the importance of mental health and addresses the growing openness towards it. She also talks about her agency’s unique approach and managing client expectations. This episode delves into building a successful marketing agency, including strategies for gaining clients, scaling at their own pace, and creating a healthy team culture. The significance of owning up to mistakes, providing solutions to clients, and collaborating with other agencies is also explored. Lastly, Lindsay and the hosts share insights on community building, podcasting, and working with marketing agencies, emphasizing the value of connecting with others and embracing public visibility.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast:

  • Building a strong network and leveraging local events helped the agency gain clients quickly.
  • Slow growth and prioritizing work-life balance were key factors in the agency’s success.
  • Collaboration with other marketing agencies can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Building in public allows for transparency, engagement, and the creation of loyal supporters.


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  • 25:18 – Our mistakes tend to be very visible in marketing, which is also like a little side note to that, it’s okay to make mistakes, and if we don’t have clients that can forgive us for not being a hundred percent, a hundred percent of the time and they don’t deserve our work and they don’t deserve our time and attention.
  • 14:51 – Well we’re a very much “eat your own dog food” kinda company. We also aren’t looking to scale to a gazillion dollars. So I think that’s two pieces, right, is I know we want slow growth, we don’t want fast growth. And I also know like when too much is too much because I remember I don’t wanna miss those birthdays.
  • 20:25 – I think that in order to be successful, no matter your industry, you just have to always be innovating and you always have to be like looking at the next thing. And so we’re talking about it. I hate mentioning it, I get annoyed every time, but we’re all talking about AI. But you know, it’s been around machine learning, it’s been around for a really, really long time and we forget those pieces. But I do think like we were using AI inside of content journey two years ago, so like barely baby little business, and people were already talking about it to speed up our processes.
  • 1:21 – I think it’s a pendulum swing for years of, I don’t know, feeling like if we were struggling with our mental health or we weren’t bouncing back from something that happened in our lives, that we were messed up or something was wrong with us. Right? And so I think that our culture entirely is kind of going the opposite way, which is wonderful. We all get to talk about it more and support each other at work and home and in our personal relationships.
  • 28:18 – I like having fun and I like helping other people succeed too. I think that this world is vast and there’s so much business to be had, no matter the industries we focus on or the work that we do. And you know, all tides lift the boats right kind of thing. And so I work with people that are competitive to me. I work with auxiliary services, I do all of that. If we align in goals and values and can trust each other to do great work for the clients at the end of the day, there’s a lot of ways I’ll work with people.