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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Embracing Blockchain and the Future of Marketing

In this episode, Zeev Wexler, CEO of Wexler Marketing, discusses the potential of blockchain, web3, and AI in shaping the future of marketing agencies. He emphasizes the benefits of blockchain technology in eliminating the need for third parties and enhancing security in various industries. The transition from web2 to web3 is explored, highlighting the empowerment of individuals as part owners of networks. This episode also showcases exciting projects, including a specialized tool for agencies and a groundbreaking AI model that creates immersive gaming experiences. Zeev’s partnerships and collaborations with Unity and Jordan Peterson are also discussed.

Zeev Wexler is a digital industry luminary, marketing automation pioneer, and CEO of a thriving marketing agency. With a remarkable journey that began with successful businesses in PR and hospitality at just 16, Zeev now boasts over 20 years of expertise in sales, marketing, and business strategy. Recognized as one of LinkedIn’s top 20 global experts, Zeev’s innovative approach combines technology and strategy to automate processes, achieving a remarkable 34% yearly growth rate for his clients. His inventive marketing automation technologies, including the 9-second follow-up and Linkboost, have reshaped conversion techniques, solidifying his reputation as a trusted advisor for international CEOs and a highly sought-after speaker. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:

  • Blockchain is not synonymous with cryptocurrency and offers superior technology for secure and private transactions.
  • Web3 enables individuals to become part owners of networks, offering them a voice and control over governance.
  • Blockchain allows for the verification of data points and helps track products throughout the supply chain.
  • Web3 and AI are transforming the marketing industry and require a shift in mindset and processes.
  • Zeev encourages collaboration and is open to helping other marketing agencies navigate the shift to Web3.
  • The tool created by NFCA, used by NASA and others, has serious capabilities for marketing, gaming, and various industries.
  • Zeev is also working on a tool that automates data connections for agencies, making it easier to access client data from various sources.


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  • 01:35 – “If you accept crypto, on average, your sales go up by about, I believe, 21%. So wouldn’t you want to grow your business revenue wise, 21%? I would. So accepting crypto makes a lot of sense to me. Now we’re selected, I won’t accept any crypto for any project. I just had a really big project where we had some sweat equity included with it, and I told the CEO will accept crypto later at the moment, because of the sweat equity, we need some cash, but crypto makes sense.”
  • 02:56 – “We live in a world where everything is about what’s fashionable and what’s not. What words are in and what words are out? So crypto is, has a bad name and I want to distinguish something to everybody here. Crypto and blockchain are not the same thing. Blockchain is a superior technology that’s going to take over the world, and I will sign everything for it. Crypto is something that is built in into the system to give tokenization and value to someone. Okay? So in the crypto field, fraud has been huge, unfortunately. But it’s not the problem of blockchain, it’s the problem of fraudulent people.”
  • 06:59 – Zeev: “So internet was the fastest technology we’ve ever adapted to. At that time, smartphone was way faster, blockchain is faster, AI is faster. So we’re adopting these technologies and Wayne Gretzky was a great hockey player, said once, I don’t want to be where the puck is, I want to be where it’s going to be. And that has always been my business focus. So I want to know what’s going to happen and I want to be there. So internet, smartphone, now blockchain is the next one. So I don’t think people understand the level of impact blockchain is going to have. The same way that internet changed multiple industries. Like do you guys remember what we did before? The internet”
    Josh: “Manual, writing things down, calling…”
    Zeev: “Sending mails, like do you guys remember that stuff? It seems like a different world. Blockchain is going to do that and it’s going to do that in ways that people don’t really realize.”
  • 14:45 – “So on web 2, Joshua, Alex, and myself, we are the product. That’s why Facebook is free. That’s why LinkedIn is free because we are the product. Our data is being manipulated and sold 24/7 to the highest bidder based on these companies that control the internet. So on web 2 we are products, web 3 is in a way the democratization of the web and it’s because blockchain is going to negate third parties. It’s the same idea on the internet. So when you put blockchain and then put the internet on top of it, now you have a completely different beast. And what do I mean by that? Now you can actually be a part owner of the networks you want to do things with.”
  • 18:24 – Zeev: “People are now looking for a cause with Web 3, you can connect people together, you can connect causes together. This will create communities, this will create movements in a way that is, has never even been closely possible on web two. So we’re going to create some tribes here on Web 3. And companies need to understand how to engage and create and it’s going to be different than Web 2. Joshua, hope that answered your question.”
    Josh: “What I especially liked about it is that we keep using the word community and tribes because I think that is the big difference. It’s, it’s not just individuals now, kind of like you said, writing on social media and things like that, I think it’s a little bit different, and it gets more of that community aspect to it.”