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Direct Mail and Re-target Marketing with DirectMail 2.0’s Brad Kugler

I’m joined by the CEO of DirectMail 2.0 Brad Kugler, to discuss the benefits of marketing on multiple different platforms, the power of direct mail marketing, and why re-target marketing is so effective.


Brad Kugler has a passion for leading and growing businesses and has been the CEO at DirectMail 2.0 for over 5 years, where they provide a marketing based solution designed to track clients direct mail campaigns and enhance the overall result through cross-channel marketing. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:

  • What DirectMail 2.0 does and how they help organizations with their marketing efforts.
  • The amount of touchpoints it takes to generate a sale.
  • The benefits of marketing on multiple different platforms.
  • What makes direct mail such an effective marketing technique.
  • How to get the location data of your website’s visitors.
  • The power of re-target marketing.
  • How Brad started his own marketing agency and got his first customers.
  • The high failure rate in marketing and the need there is for persistence.
  • The benefits and downsides of focusing on a narrow niche.
  • Tools you can use to test different marketing channels.
  • The future of marketing and targeted advertising.


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  • 07:59 – “The ability of people to remember an ad of mail over almost any other ad, it’s something like 20 times more memorable.”
  • 20:03 – “When you stick with a certain niche, you learn more about that niche, you understand the customers, you understand the industry, and you’re able to grow.”