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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Creating a solid hiring process with Element212’s Tammy Coleman

In this episode, Founder and President of Element212 Tammy Coleman talk about the changing ways people view their work, how to structure interviews and the staff hiring process, and what you can do to avoid bad hires.

Tammy Coleman has been in the marketing world for over 2 decades and has run her marketing firm Element212 for almost 15 years.
As a Chief Marketing Officer, breakthrough strategist, and disruptor, Tammy focuses on aligning her clients’ brands, messages, strategies, and teams for sustainable growth.
Tammy focuses on creating brands that build interactions, expectations, and emotional connections. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • The problems with studying business at college.
  • The personality you need to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • How to get the first customers for your company.
  • Building a retainer business model and the benefits this has.
  • How to manage the staff hiring process.
  • How to structure your interview process and avoid bad hires.
  • The benefits of a hybrid work model.
  • How the way people view their work is changing.
Connecting with Tammy Coleman:
Connecting with the host:
  • 10:16 – “You have to be a C student in high school If you got to be a straight-A perfectionist you’re never going to make it as an entrepreneur because everything will have to be perfect.”
  • 12:19 – “Our first customer we were just giving work away so you’ll find if you’re starting a new company you’ve got to just give it away to build a portfolio or have case studies or whatever the case may be.”
  • 15:43 – “My mantra with hiring is always hire slowly and fire quickly and it took me years to learn that I did it opposite. I would hire very quickly and I would fire very slowly which was a really bad business model.”
  • 30:00 – “On remote days, some people may only work 4 hours on a remote day, but if they’re getting their work done and they’re keeping up with what is necessary and they’re done and they’ve got nothing more to do, great read a book, do some professional development, or do your laundry. As long as the work is getting done that really at the end of the day is what matters.”
  • 34:28 – “If I were to teach something to marketers I think listening is number one. Everybody wants to look like they know everything and that if anything will get you into the most trouble because you need to get into the mindset of your client first and really understand what their challenges are, what their weaknesses are, what they view as their strengths and really just get to know them as a person and get to know their company really well.”