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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Beyond Influencer: Exploring the Role of Brand Ambassadors

In this episode, Jack Monson, CEO at Brand J and host of Social Geek Podcast, shares the importance of diversity in personal relationships and agency teams. Diversity leads to creativity, growth, and better client solutions. It also digs into the role of brand ambassador and highlights the need for healthy and vigorous brand discussions including pitching, debating, and resolving issues for the benefit of the brand. Additionally, the importance of networking and building relationships in business is emphasized, along with insights on franchise marketing strategies for business success.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast:

  • Involving the whole team in different aspects of the business promotes skill development and interests.
  • Brand ambassadors must excel in debating and pitching to successfully represent a brand.
  • Radio and television professionals possess skills that easily translate into digital marketing and social media.
  • New taco places like Barrio Queen provide an opportunity for easier start-up and customization.
  • The rise in interest in owning businesses is fueled by people wanting to escape traditional corporate jobs.
  • Connecting with people who may not be able to help you now can lead to mutual benefits in the future.
  • The evolution of the podcast can create unexpected opportunities, such as forming a community.


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  • 16:58 – I always say this, anybody who wrote TV or radio commercials in 15 or 32nd intervals is awesome at digital marketing and social media because it’s about taking this big thing, this story that the client wants to put every word in the dictionary in there and make it, you know, an hour long. And it’s like, okay, how do we boil that down to 15 seconds? Right? And that to me is what digital marketing and storytelling in social media is right now, is taking this big story, boiling it down to a headline and a little bit of information to keep them engaged.
  • 06:07 – I think in the marketing agency world, in lots of industries, we’ve got a lot of people who are, the analogy I always use is selling cars, but they don’t know how to drive, right? And if you’re going to be out there promoting a marketing agency and promoting these clients, you might wanna know how to, how a website works fundamentally, right? You might want to know what it’s like to come up with a 600 word blog, right? You might want to show yourself on some videos.
  • 26:26 – I think that’s the interesting part to me that all of the people out there who are interested in owning their own business, they all have different reasons for wanting to do so. They all have different, you know, sort of levels of investment. They all have different backgrounds. You know, nobody, nobody grows up saying, someday I’m going to invest in a Taco franchise. Right? You know, most people are coming from another part of their life and they’re like, now I want to own my own thing. And I think that’s where this entire industry has really skyrocketed in the past few years.
  • 44:53 – I think, biggest thing that some agencies get wrong is they’re not focused on doing 1, 2, 3, or four things really well. They’re trying to do 75 things and nobody does 75 things well. Right? So find the things that you’re really good at, focus on that, and then maybe partner with up with some other agencies, to help with the other things.
  • 36:44- The secret to networking is networking when you don’t need to, right? Too many people will want to network with you when they need something, right? When they’re looking for a new job or they want to be a guest on your podcast. I get that all the time. And it’s like, if you would’ve wanted to build that relationship up with me a year or two ago, I could help you a lot more, right? But the time to start networking isn’t when you’ve made a decision to move on. It’s to start early.