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Reading Time: 2 minutes

A Risk-Free Approach to Hiring with Right Left Agency’s Courtney Wasserburger

This episode, Right Left Agency’s President Courtney Wasserburger talks about how she’s crafted a risk free approach to hiring new team members, the techniques to see if someone’s a good fit for your company, and what it’s like being an introvert in a leadership position.

Courtney Wasserburger has worked in marketing for over a decade and joined Right Left Agency in 2017 as an Account Manager.
Courtney excelled at the marketing agency and in 4 years worked her way up to President of the company. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency:
  • How to be successful in a marketing agency job.
  • What it’s like being an introverted leader.
  • Different self-care techniques to stay energetic and productive.
  • How to create an effective marketing strategy.
  • How to know which services to offer your clients.
  • Risk-free approaches to hiring.
  • How to know if someone’s a good fit for your company.
  • How to collaborate with a remote team.
Connecting with Courtney Wasserburger:
Connecting with the host:
  • 6:26 – “Diversity of thought, if everyone has the same thought on the team you’re just going to get the same result or the same answer over and over again where at the end of the day you want as many data points as possible and you’re going to get multiple data points through multiple opinions and multiple ways of thinking and things like that.”
  • 14:49 – “We were making all these Facebook ads, Google ads, we had all these clients it was really great but the challenge was that you can run an incredible campaign for online ads but if you don’t have a really good website, a good email marketing flow, you don’t have the funnel set up it really doesn’t do actually that much for the client.”
  • 17:46 – “We went out and we tried to find contractors through Upwork or Fiverr and ultimately I was running the ads but we were bringing in different people to help support, and project work just all project work seeing what they could do, seeing how they worked within Right Left, seeing how they interacted with other team members and then when anyone would actually stick and they were getting it they were understanding, they were really reliable, their work was really good, that’s when we’d say hey we’ve been working together for a few months, you’ve done some good projects for us we really like working with you would you be open to a retainer or an actual position here, and that’s literally our entire team is made up of people who started as a project and doing contract work and then we kind of won them over and told them to come on to retainer so that’s how we always approached hiring.”
  • 20:25 – “When we are hiring people we’re not only looking for skills we’re looking for personality fit, we’re looking for something that is both fulfilling for us and for the employee or team member and being really understanding and open.”