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A Candid Convo with Brian Mattocks: Business, Communities & Podcasts

Dive into the engaging world of Brian Mattocks as he unfolds the significance of community in business, the nuances of marketing, and the power of podcasting in this insightful episode. Discover his unique perspective on building networks, mastering communication, and why attention is the currency of connection.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Masters in Marketing Agency Podcast.

  • Community building insights.
  • Teaching through experience.
  • Marketing attention mechanics.
  • Brian’s podcasting journey.
  • Referral importance in business.
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  • 24:25 – If you give someone attention, you’ve beaten the game. The trick is how to give them the right attention in the right way. And how to direct that into something that’s positive and productive with what you guys have done with the profiles and with building out the amount of research you’ve done, you are giving attention to somebody in a even more powerful way because the attention you’re giving them is information about the most important subject in their life, right? Which is them.
  • 37:36 – I had to deal with the fact that, you know, what I thought was clever and interesting wasn’t effective. I had to learn that everything that you’re doing in an environment like this is practice. And as practice as that experiment, you have to evolve your approach to solving those problems. And as I went through, you know, week after week, year after year, I learned what works and what doesn’t in this case.
  • 45:34 – Alex Garaschenko: That’s really interesting. So we’re starting our community with having done 60 some episodes, so 60 plus members potentially that will be coming into this community wonder, do you think that the initiation, when we start the community of all 60 coming together by us pairing people up, maybe in a way would that, how would you do the initiation for something like that where you already have a pool of people and now you’re just.
    Brian Mattocks: I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t take 60, I’d take a dozen, I’d take eight and make them the founding founding members, give them their own experience and then slowly bring in the rest of the, the outliers. Make sure that your initial tribe, as it were, are folks that you believe are gonna be spark plugs in your community, folks that engage folks that care and make them your founder circle.
  • 47:02 – So, alright, so there’s a couple ways to learn, right? I mean, you can talk about the learning styles, which has been debunked, but the best way to learn is from somebody else’s experience, right? Because it’s a force multiplier. I can go out and learn how to play piano by myself or I can watch somebody else who’s learned how to play piano and get access to that, like in a video game, right? I’m a big video gamer, and so learning from other people is outrageously the strongest force multiplier you can get.
  • 49:32 – Yeah, a podcast is great. Like how big is your network gonna be when you’re sitting in your office by yourself? Even if you go to the local networking events, more often than not, the folks that are showing up there aren’t sweet spot folks for you. They’re not either great partner relationships or not good peer relationships. More often than not, those are a collection of local folks that don’t want to sit in their office anymore. I’m not suggesting that face-to-face networking is bad, but focus driven face-to-face networking is so much better where you can control, or at the very least, get access to a limited audience that’s specialized. That’s why the conferences usually are a much better play when it comes to the networking conversation or do it on steroids, do it with podcasting. I can specify position an organization, I can specify size of organization, I can get folks to be on a show that really, you know, you can get down to some very, very fine level of demographic detail and you can’t network that sharply that powerfully locally. You’re just not gonna get there.
  • 1:05:09 – The rest of it is just execution on that attention cycle. How can you give that attention in a way that is super powerful? ’cause again, the path you’re on is the path to creating believers. It’s lifelong, you know, partners, it’s the kind of relationship that folks would give up last in the event that they had to give up a relationship because you made them feel great because you gave them attention in ways that they couldn’t get any other way. So I would just say lean into that.